Post #1
Today my new baby cousin was born .When the doctors had to the tests they noticed that he had Cystic Fibrosis. They did a sweat test that confirms if they have Cystic Fibrosis. My cousin tested positive. Of course there are symptoms.
His symptoms now are: -Breathing problem
-He has poor weight gain
-He has flabby muscles
-He sweats excessively in this hot summer weather
The doctors said that more symptoms develop when he gets older. The cause of this is that the mother or father had cystic fibrosis and it had passed genetically to the baby.

Post #2
Now you might ask yourself “what is cystic fibrosis”? I know so I can tell you. It is a hereditary chronic disease of the exocrine glands, characterized by the production of viscid mucus that obstructs the pancreatic ducts and bronchi, leading to infection and fibrosis. Now no one in my family is in danger because the disease on passes through the genes, so if you touch him you are not going to get anything. Plus the only thing that would be in danger is the child that he will probably have when he is older and married.

Post #3
Today I went to go and see the doctor with him. They said that he was fine and that they would start having to do the treatments for his disease. What this includes is: -Having to diet
-Getting a social worker
-Getting a physical therapist
-Getting a respiratory therapist
-High amounts of fat
-Supplemental oxygen therapy
And the list just goes on and on with the symptoms. But one of the most important things is what body systems are affected:
-The lungs, which cause bronchiectasis
-Liver damage
-They develop diabetes
-They have high levels of salt
-They develop psychological problems

Post #4
What the outcome of this disease is that the life expectancy has increased over the past 30 years. People born in the 1990’ are likely to live until they are a least 40. Diagnosis: If the doctor suspects at birth that the child has the condition the child will have to get a sweat test. These sweat tests are form finding high amounts of salt, or maybe a blood tests have to be done to check for the abnormal gene. If this test is positive brothers or sisters that are related infants may be tested.

Post #5
This disease that my cousin has is not contagious because this disease is passed through the genes. He is now 10 years old and he is doing fine. He goes to school but the only ones that know about this are the whole family. Please rate!!!And comment!!!

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