Advertisement for Chlorine

Chlorine is one of the most proficient and lifesaving elements on the periodic table of elements. We utilize chlorine for many different things; sterilizing water supplies is one of major things it’s used for. By buying chlorine you buy an element that is a crucial element to our daily lives. Chlorine has helped decrease the death fertility rate over time and has become a common element that is used in hospitals and health clinics around the world. It also supplies many jobs to people as it is among the top ten chemicals that are produced in the United States of America. A substance that helps create burning fires is essential to many different types of things. If you buy two bottles of Chlorine in the next four days you will receive the third free of charge.
At the age of 32, Swedish chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele found the most useful and capable substance in the world. Produced by passing an electric current through a water solution of sodium chloride, chlorine is the most important commercial process in the industry business. Chlorine is found in the earth’s crust and in seawater. In fact two percent of seawater is chlorine.

The most important job of Chlorine and its compounds are to produce other chemicals. In 1992 about 10.5 billion kilograms of Chlorine was produced in the United States of America. In Europe approximately 2 million jobs are related to Chlorine. Chlorine is also a strong oxidizing agent; an oxidizing agent is a chemical substance that either gives or takes electrons from other substances. Chlorine has many different uses as over 100,000 compounds chlorine containing chemicals have been found to this date.

Chlorine has been revolutionary to the medical industry. Since the discovery of chlorine, the death fertility rate has lowered immensely; in truth in many countries the fertility rate is almost non-existed thanks to chlorine. The most common disinfection method for water often involves some form of chlorine or chlorine compound. Chlorine is often found in medical treatments for illnesses such as allergies, diabetes, and arthritis. Chlorine has been a major contributor to medical technology; for example, x-ray images are produced by Chlorine. A substance that helps stop infections and that instantly kills infectious germs that may otherwise have caused many problems is now a crucial substance to the medical industry.

Chlorine gas was first used as a weapon in World War I by Germany in the Second Battle of Ypres. Choking hundreds of thousands, chlorine gas easily became a symbol of death and depression.Chlorine is pulmonary agent that will help choke a person to death if given the right amount. Many people won’t think of Chlorine as dangerous because of the many uses the medical has been able to practice with it; but in fact, because of its dense volume it’s quite hazardous if inhaled. Chlorine has developed military strategies.

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