By Alex Kim

My name is Louis Kim. 1 week ago I was feel not good I felt suffocating and burning on near by the chest. I was sweating even when I rest. I feel difficult when I breathing, and walk around. So I want to know about my disease’s name and how to fix it.
external image angina-pectorala.jpg
I can’t wait for doctor’s advices because I felt so burning and suffocating. So I went to the doctor. And he said ‘you fell burning and suffocating on heart right? It should being heart attack. You have to test about ‘blood test, electro caradiogram, and cornary angiography.’ So I got tests all of them. So I got test results, this results said ‘ you got ‘Angina’ so you should eat more fresh and healthy foods and more exercise. Mostly you have to get a medicine.
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When I came back from doctor, my family care of me and they said ‘what’s disease’s name by? ’. ‘It’s Angina’ ‘It’ll being die?’ ‘It goes to heart attack but if I take surgery or get medicine, it’ll be ok. So I’m not dying from this disease. I was afraid about this disease. But now I’m really happy with it is not terrible disease.
I am really focusing on my health, because I don’t want to die. So! I got brand new healthy, exercise plan. In the morning I got 30 minutes about jogging and 25minutes about stretching. And when I come back from my work and I should get fresh vegetable with fresh fruits. I hope to get better than last week
Finally! I’m feel weigh better than last week. I’m always doing exercise, get fresh foods and get lots of medicines. I’m really afraid about get surgery so that’s why I got lots of medicine when I got this disease. So I should do more exercise because I want to keep my healthy life and never get any kind of disease ever!