Blog status 1:24pm Dec. 2, 2011

Hey guys I was out for dinner with my grandpa; he told me that he was feeling very week and numb on one side of the body. He also had the bad case of the hiccups so during dinner her wouldn’t stop:P I kept talking to him to try to take his mind off of it but he said he was seeing three of me and couldn’t see me very well but I hardly understood him because he couldn’t get his words out well. After that I knew I had to take him home; after I took him home he started barfing and was complaining about his head ache. Well I hope he gets better and I’ll keep you guys up to date about him.

Blog status 5:45pm Dec. 2, 2011

Hey guys, so my mom and I decided to take my grandpa to the doctors because his symptoms didn’t go away; the doctor did some tests and wanted to do a MRI. A MRI is to see if there are any bleeding or blood clot in the brain. After the MRI they also gave him a CT scanning. I’ll let you guys know about the results.

Blog status 9:30am Dec. 3, 2011

Hey everyone we went back to the doctors and got our results, they told us its damage to part of the brain caused by an interruption in its blood supply, sometimes called a brain attack but really called a stroke. I’ll tell you guys stuff about the disease; this happens in the nervous system or the blood system. The only good news about this disease is that it is not contagious. How they treat it; they can treat it different ways one way is with drugs (antibiotics). After emergency care; they get therapies, speech therapy and occupational therapy. For further strokes people might want to change their life style for example a better diet, no smoking and other non-healthy things. Some people at risk are the ones that have a bad diet, who smoke, diabetes, mellitus, high lipid levels in blood. Etc.

Blog status 3:45pm Jan. 2, 2012

Hey guys I know I haven’t talked to you in a while, I’ve been caring for my grandpa for the past month; it depends on cause and speed. He has been doing well; one-third makes full recovery, other third has disability I’m so happy that my grandpa made a full recovery. Usually 1 in 5 people die within a month. I am so grateful for my grandpa has made a full recovery through this rough journey and I will talk to you guys very soon.

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