Blog post #1
Today my uncle Marcus called us. He said that recently the whites of his eyes and his skin started turning yellow, his palms started turning red and his legs and feet were swelling. He also said that recently he became very nauseous. After vomiting he said that he might have some sort of disease and started getting worried that he might die. We told him that he should go see a doctor.
Blog post #2
Today my uncle Marcus went to the doctor to see if he had a disease. The doctor did some tests on him. One of the tests was that a doctor made a small incision and inserted a needle through it. The needle then collected some sample tissue from the liver. We asked him if he had a disease, and if yes, what was it, but he forgot.
Blog post #3
It turns out Marcus has Cirrhosis, which is scarring of the liver that’s irreversible, which occurs in the late stages of various liver disorders. Thankfully Cirrhosis isn’t transferable, because we were planning on visiting him next week. We all know how Marcus got the disease, because he drinks a lot of alcohol, and one of the more common causes of Cirrhosis is excessive alcohol consumption. The other two more common causes is an infection with hepatitis, usually hepatitis B or C, and primary biliary Cirrhosis. Primary biliary cirrhosis is when the bile ducts in the body are inflamed, which blocks the bile flow form the liver, which causes build up, and then damages the liver.
Blog post #4
Marcus told us about the outcome of the disease. Apparently the outcome depends on the damage of the liver and if any further damage can be preventable. If it was caused by alcohol, there’s a chance that you could die in less than 5 years, unless you stop drinking, which then you have a better chance of living longer than 5 years. If the damage was severe, then Marcus would have to get a liver transplant. Marcus told us that the liver transplant was risky because the his body might’ve rejected it or the liver might not function properly.
Blog post #5
Marcus said that the treatment is to fix the cause, so Marcus has to stop drinking. On the plus side, his hands might not look yellow anymore, which freaks him out. Marcus is kind of sad that he can’t drink alcohol anymore, but he’ll get through it. Marcus searched up if a certain group of people are at risk of getting Cirrhosis. He said that people with the hepatitis virus or people who excessively consume alcohol are at risk.