BLOG#1 11/09/3013

Today I got an email from my email pal Skylar she said early this morning she was having difficulty exhaling she was wheezing, shortness of breath, she was feeling very panicked, really bad sweating, a painless tightening in her chest. Lately she has been having a dry cough and she has not been sick in months so she does not now were this is coming from. I told her to go to the doctor to get checked out so she did. They told her nothing was wrong. Later that night It happened again.

Blog#2 11/14/3013

So Skylar went to the hospital to get checked out rather then the clinic again. The diagnosis is she has asthma at thirty years old weird right. the doctor said she must have had it when she was younger . the test that she mention are he tried to get a small asthma attack and it worked, he give her a vires test. They also gave her a chest x-ray to make sure it was not any other series lung disease. Before they test her she was having a milled attack when she got there so the doctor monitored it..

Blog#3 11/18/3013
Hi again sorry for the wait I’ve been busy I got to meet Skylar yesterday. it was awesome she was so nice but I had to leave early because she had to go work with the doctor for her treatment. The doctor every day goes through the treatment with her till she feels confined to do it herself. The doctor told her she cannot transfer it but her kid might catch it from the gens or smoking. The doctor talked about what it is so here is the definition it’s where the airways narrow causing shortness of breath and wheezing and if it gets to bad it can turn into emphysema it relates to emphysema and bronchitis.

Blog#4 12/01/3013

This might be a boring blog because I’m only talking about facts on asthma. The causes of an asthma attack are muscles in the bronchi contract, lining comes inflamed, produce extra mucus that can block the smaller airway. The triggers are an allergy, respiratory effect. Who’s at risk males more than females, children under ten, frequent exposure to tobacco smoke, kids in between ten and two. Skylar now does not need to go to her doctor every day but sometimes she dose to get a check-up because she might be able to cure it.

-Blog#5 12/13/3013

Hi guys this will be my last blog because me and Skylar aren’t going to be emailplas any more I’m switching to a new girl Jan. so the outcome she told me is that if u have it between 2 and 10 you will most likely outgrow it. It usely if you have asthma in your child hood it ends at twenty. Some people recover in Skylar’s cases she probably won’t because she’s thirty.