Emphysema (COPD)

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Hi Sara I was out with my friends when I couldn’t stop coughing, and after each time I coughed I would be wheezing. Thinking I might be getting sick I decided to go home just to be safe. Im going to go to the doctor tomorrow I hope I can gat an appointment. I hope I’m not coming down with anything I’m supposed to go to a musical next week. Hope to see you there.


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I went to the doctor today and I told him about my symptoms. How in the morning I had an increasing production of sputum, It was so gross. I had a trouble concentrating and an increasing amount of weight loss. My doctor did a physical Examination on me and lung function tests. Then I went home and rested like he told me to. I dont think I will be able to go to the musical, but will you still come down and vist me?

PS: I’m scared; give me back my teddy bear!

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Today I got the results from the doctor. I have Emphysema other known as COPD. I know what your thinking, what is COPD? COPD is Progressive damage to the lungs, usually caused by smoking, and has an increasing loss of elasticity in the lungs. COPD can also be caused by Atmospheric pollution, exposure to dust and noxious gases. It is also caused when Alveoli (air sacs clustered in are lungs) become damaged or enlarged.

PS: I should have quit smoking when you said to…

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Living with COPD sucks. I am often short of breath and wheezing after I cough. I get frequent chest infections and I’m coughing throughout the day. People who get COPD are mostly after the age of 40, it is twice as common in males and rarely due to an abnormal gene inherited from both parents. Thankfully COPD is not contagious.

PS: I might be going in for surgery, what do you think I should do?

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I have been going to the doctor frequently; I was upraised to learn that the food I eat may affect my breathing! So my doctor had helped me pick the right mix of nutrients in my diet so I can breathe easier. He had prescribed me medication to help open the airways in my lungs to help me breath easier.
Now I just got surgery and got a lung transplant, I’ve have now quit smoking but I’m still eating healthy and whatnot. So I hope to not get COPD again, and I’m happy that I benefited from the surgery because not many people do.

PS: I’m coming to visit!

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