Blog 1

Hello my name is Aaron and I love to hang out with my friends. Once I received a message from my best friend, Andrew and he welcomes to his birthday party in the night club. We had a great time together, until it came time to alcohol. I started from a regular beer and then rapidly started drinking all the kinds of alcohol. It came a turn for a wine, until a sudden and severe pain occurs in my body. I almost fell in fatigue and my heart started beating faster. My friends quickly reacted to my condition and they took me to the hospital. We entered the emergency room and all the members of the hospital quickly rushed me to a specialist. I was sitting in a tight room full of tools and posters. My hand was covering the spot where the pain was coming from.

Blog 2

The doctor by the name of Arnold Atkinson walks into a room and asks me questions about the condition. I took some time to answer his questions, even if it was hard for me. He takes an arm cuff and wraps around my hand. The arm cuff starts to expand and Dr. Arnold records the results. Then we went to a special room where doctor took ultra sound scan. I leave the hospital and take a nap.

Blog 3

After a painful sleep I received an e-mail message from the doctor. He says that I have pancreatitis. “It’s a sudden inflammation of the pancreas due to damage from its own enzymes” Doctor said. I had feelings of shock and awareness mixed together. He also told me that it caused most of the time by consuming large amounts of alcohol.

Blog 4

”In addition it cannot be infectious, because it’s a disorder.” But I continued reading. The doctor also added that I have to stay in hospital in order to recover I have to stay in the hospital. I ended up in the hospital once again and I spent a month there. Luckily, I survived this attack. Doctor said that only one person dies from pancreatitis.

Blog 5

After the recovery Dr. Arnold recommended me to visit Chinese hospitals, because they give you special herbs that have been proven by the time. He also appointed to look after my alcohol consumption. I’ve never drank alcohol from that moment. In addition doctor said that this disorder is rare in children, just in case.