Silicon Chips
Do you like technology well if you do then you will thank scientists for discovering this element. When they discovered fluorine they started making newer technology such as mp3, I pods, I pads, I pod touches, smaller neater phones. What they did to make this new technology if they would use fluorine to etch patterns into small silicon chips which would help make smaller neater

Did you know that fluorine compounds are used to make tooth paste! Well now you do. Without fluorine we wouldn`t be able to make tooth paste well we could but it would look different and taste different to and it wouldn’t be as healthy for your teeth. Ever wonder why dentist tell you to brush your teeth three times a day? Well fluorine ions have chemicals that help keep teeth strong and healthy. Now since you can’t buy fluorine and drink it on its own because that would kill you so we settle for something’s that do like tooth paste

Fluorine is used in chemical industry because it`s important they wouldn`t have it if it wasn’t. Have you had a rusty old penny that you wanted to make new again. Fluorine is used for refining metals and that means if a metal is old you can use fluorine to make it new again.


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